Spirit of Bhutan

10-Night, 11-Day

Embark on a 10-day, 11-night odyssey through Bhutan, a land where ancient traditions and breathtaking landscapes converge. This immersive journey promises:
Cultural Treasures: Explore Thimphu, Punakha, Bumthang, and Paro, each offering unique insights into Bhutan’s rich heritage.
Tiger’s Nest Trek: Conquer the invigorating hike to Tiger’s Nest, an iconic temple perched high above the Paro Valley, rewarding you with unparalleled views.

Charming Temples: Discover revered sanctuaries like Chimi Lhakhang, Tamshing Lhakhang, and Kyichu Lhakhang, each steeped in spirituality.
Majestic Fortresses: Unravel the significance of Tashichho Dzong, Punakha Dzong, Jakar Dzong, Paro Dzong, and Rinpung Dzong, monumental strongholds woven into Bhutan’s history.Warmth of Bhutanese Hospitality: Experience the genuine warmth and hospitality of the Bhutanese people, adding an extra layer of richness to your journey.This curated adventure ensures an unforgettable encounter with Bhutan’s captivating culture and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Jambay Lhakhang