Cultural Tours

Immerse yourself in Bhutan's vibrant and sacred culture, from monasteries perched on cliffs to bustling markets with people swathed in national attire. Savor authentic Bhutanese cuisine, a fusion of flavors steeped in tradition with organically grown ingredients and served by culinary masters. This tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Bhutan's cultural tapestry, guided by our seasoned local experts.

Festival Tours

Experience the spirit of Bhutan's festival, a celebration of culture, spirituality, and community. This package offers an in-depth look into Bhutan's festival rich calendar, providing a unique opportunity to witness and participate in these cherished cultural events. Bhutan is renowned for hosting festivals that are unlike any other, making this experience truly one-of-a-kind.

Special Interest Tours

Discover Bhutan's breathtaking landscapes with our exclusive Adventure Tours. Dive into the heart of Bhutanese culture with our specialized tours, including Village Tours, culinary adventures, fly fishing excursions, and river rafting experiences. Unleash your creativity with our miniature crafting exploration. Each itinerary is thoughtfully curated to offer you a bespoke adventure, ensuring your Bhutanese getaway is truly memorable.

Trekking Tours

For the adventurous at heart, this package combines trekking abode stunning Himalayan mountain ranges with cultural encounters, providing an unparalleled experience for nature enthusiasts. Embark on a journey to embrace Bhutan with your senses and savor the freshness of its flora and fauna along renowned trek paths in Bhutan.